Thursday, January 7, 2016

Quick Quiz

Salon Safety & Sanitation 

Test your knowledge of general salon safety and sanitation rules with this quiz from Nails Magazine. Keep in mind that each state has its own specific rules and regulations covering these areas. Always follow your state's rules and all product manufacturer's instructions. 

1. What is an autoclave?
     a. A machine that uses steam pressure to sterilize metal implements.
     b. A type of self-cleaning UV lamp? 

2. Porous tools are: 
     a. Tools that are either one-use (disposable) or require specific cleaning protocols 
     b. Tools that cost less, but are of inferior quality 
     c. Tools that can be disinfected and are generally reusable 

3. True or false? Some porous items that have been used on healthy nails can be re-used. 
     a. True 
     b. False 

4. Which of the following statements is not true concerning non-porous items? 
     a. Non-porous items are multi-use tools made of hard materials like metal, plastic, or glass. 
     b. Non-porous tools should be rinsed and dried. They only have to be disinfected if they contact    
         blood or unhealthy conditions. 

5. True or false? If a client brings in her own manicure implements from home, there is no need for you to disinfect them before use. 
     a. True 
     b. False 1

6. In case of an accidental cut, what should you do? 
     a. If it’s minor, you may ignore it and continue with the service. 
     b. Clean with an antiseptic and bandage the cut. 

7. Why is proper ventilation in the salon important? 
     a. It’s not really very important. It simply reduces product odor. 
     b. It reduces exposure to airborne particles and bacteria, and reduces inhalation of vapors. 
     c. It’s important so that clients who smoke can do so inside the salon. 

8. True or false? Spray disinfectants are adequate for disinfecting tools and pedicure equipment. 
     a. True 
     b. False 

9. What is a SDS? 
     a. Secondary Disposal Site. Off-premise sites that accept hazardous products for disposal. 
     b. Salon Safety Data Sheet. Includes information on spills, ingredients, and chemical disposal.   

10. Whirlpool foot spas and air-jet pedicure basins must be cleaned how often? 
     a. After every client 
     b. When they appear visibly soiled 
     c. Once per month, thoroughly

Answer Key

1. B. An autoclave is an apparatus that uses superheated steam under high pressure to sterilize instruments. 

2. A. Porous items are made of cloth, wood, or other absorbent materials. Porous items include most nail files, manicure sticks, cotton, paper mats, towels, and buffer blocks. Porous items that would be damaged or destroyed by cleaning or have been contaminated by broken skin, blood, or other bodily fluids or infections must be disposed of. See answer number three for cleaning guidelines for porous items that can be saved. 

3. A. Porous items used on healthy nails can be cleaned by manually brushing and removing all debris after each use, then disinfected by immersing in 70% or higher isopropyl or ethyl alcohol or 10% bleach solution. Towels, chamois, buffing bits, and similar items can be cleaned in a washing machine with regular detergent. 

4. B. Non-porous items must always be disinfected. To clean a non-porous item, clean all visible debris then completely immerse the tool for 10 minutes in an EPA-registered disinfectant, bleach solution,( 1 part bleach to 9 parts water), or 70% or higher isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. 

5. B. False. All implements (including those that a client brings or leaves in the salon), equipment, and materials that come into contact with a client must be sanitized and disinfected prior to service. 

6. C. Clean with an antiseptic and bandage the cut. If blood or body fluid comes in contact with any salon surface, put on protective disposable gloves and clean it with an EPA-registered hospital liquid disinfectant or 10% bleach solution. 

7. B. Proper ventilation is essential for client and worker safety and comfort. A local source capture ventilation system will eliminate vapors and dust in your breathing zone, and it also helps to wear an N-95-certified dust mask. Never light candles where nail products are used and do not permit smoking inside the salon. 

8. B. False. Spray disinfectants are for cleaning surfaces only and are not adequate for disinfecting tools and pedicure equipment in the salon. Tools require complete immersion in liquid disinfectant for 10 minutes. 

9. B. Most states require Salon Safety Data sheets to be available upon request by an inspector; a fine may be issued to salons that do not have them. 

10. A. Whirlpool foot spas and air-jet pedicure basins must be cleaned after every client. 

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