Friday, March 18, 2016

New! Acrylic Dip Step by Step for Colored Powders

Take advantage of these step by step instructions for applying the NEW Acrylic Dip Colored Powders!

  • Prep Nail & cleanse with Hygienic Elegance 
  • Remove shine by buffing with a 600 grit file & remove dust 
  • Apply Base Glaze to natural nail 
  • Spray Glaze Dryer 
    • if applying a tip: Remove shine off the free edge 
    • Apply tip w/ Finish or Base Glase (Finish will set up faster) 
    • Seam Tip by applying Base Glaze to the smile line (where artificial tip meets natural nail) 
    • Spray Glaze Dryer
  • Apply Finish Glaze 
  • Dip into Powder
  • Apply Finish Glaze
  • Some colored powders do need to be double dipped to get a solid color. If so, at this point you can dip into the powder again. Apply Finish Glaze over powder(continue with the below steps)
  • Spray with Glaze Dryer
  • Apply Base Glaze
  • Spray with Glaze Dryer
  • File and Buff: Use a 240 grit around cuticle and a 600 grit over the entire nail. 
  • Apply Extreme Colored Powder Top Coat (this will bring it back to a vibrant color and high shine.
  • Apply Nail Radiance Cuticle Oil
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Powders available in 18 colors! New colors added often

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